We are giving you 2 payment options

Last year Plano Public Library paid an estimated 2.9% on each donated dollar to cover payment processing fees. This became a large expense for our organization. To help our cause, we are using a product called Donation Teller. Donation Teller helps us by giving you the option of donating an additional 2.9% of your donation amount in separate transaction to help offset the processing fees or you can pay the traditional way.

Option 1 -


A donation through this method adds 2.9% to your donation amount. This allows our cause to receive 99% of the donated funds and Donation Teller uses the 2.9% to cover the cost of the site, fees, and maintenance.

Option 2 -


You can make a traditional donation and we will pay the 2.9% processing fee, like we've done in the past.